Paragliding Equipment Insurance

From £1,000 to £10,000 worth of protection for your specialist gear.
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Paragliding Travel Insurance

£5 million worth of medical expenses and £3,000 trip cancellation cover.

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If flying was the language of man, soaring would be its poetry.

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Paragliding Insurance Cover

Get yourself and your paragliding equipment fully covered

Soaring through the air in lightweight crafts makes Paragliding an adventure sport unlike any other. Daring enthusiasts defy gravity suspended from their gliders and achieve free-flight across the skies. It is this freedom which makes the sport one of the most popular extreme air sports around.

Despite the many exciting positives of the adventure sport, Paragliding brings with it the prospect of several risks and dangers that are important to protect against with comprehensive Paragliding Insurance cover.

Paragliding Equipment Insurance

Paragliding equipment is often very expensive, with harnesses, helmets, and the paraglider itself all essential to take part in the sport. This equipment is put under a tremendous amount of strain whilst in use which makes it wise to cover with Paragliding Equipment Insurance. This will cover not only all of your specialist equipment, but also all of your personal possessions such as mp3 players, cameras and Sat Navs.

Paragliding Travel Insurance

Freedom comes in the bucket loads with Paragliding. Not only can you explore new and exciting regions by air, but you can take part in the sport anywhere around the globe. While on your adventures it is essential to make sure that you are fully protected with Paragliding Travel Insurance. Get up to £5 million worth of medical expenses and £3,000 if your trip were to be cancelled or curtailed.